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Gluten Allergy Flare Up: Is Your Nightguard the Culprit?

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by Bela Bernstein, RDH

Nightguards are one of the most powerful oral appliances to keep many patients comfortable after experiencing chronic jaw pain and tooth sensitivity.  When choosing the appropriate type of nightguard for each patient, not only should the cause of the problem be considered but systemic issues as well.  One such example is a gluten allergy.



There have been documented cases in which patients with a gluten allergy have a negative reaction to certain materials used in nightguards.  Patients reported painful gastrointestinal issues, oral ulcers, weakened tooth enamel, and a burning tongue.  After ruling out other causes the doctor and patient identified gluten as an ingredient in the type of material specific to their nightguard—which was the culprit.  After stopping use of the initial nightguard, symptoms calmed down.  When the doctor chose a gluten-free material for a new nightguard– and when used correctly—the appliance did not give any related issues to the patient.


There is good news for our patients!  All of our nightguard materials are gluten-free.  It is important to always discuss medical history with your dentist and dental hygienist.  Our team always has your best interest in mind!




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